The Challenge and Stress That Comes Along with Trucking Jobs

The Challenge and Stress That Comes Along with Trucking Jobs


Trucking jobs and other transportation work are combined to create one of the largest industries in the United States. With over 15 billion tons of cargo transported around the country by truck annually, this number is expected to continue growing every year.

The Number of Trucking Jobs in America

Many trucking jobs exist throughout the U.S. currently, and with the growing need for road transport, there will be a continuous growth in the number of trained truck drivers. We already have over 3.5 million truck drivers working in the United States, and with about three billion tons of freight transport added to the industry by 2040, there will be an increased need for more drivers.

CDL Classes and Trucking School

The CDL is much more difficult to prepare for than traditional driving, especially considering the fact that most people think that truck drivers are just doing the same thing as a regular driver does on a normal day. However, transporting a multi-ton load up and down the highway, making trucking jobs an incredible challenge overall. Even if you have to work slowly down busy streets, it can be stressful and tiring, and that can in turn be dangerous over time. Considering the fact that a semi-truck is about 16 times heavier than the usual car, the engine and braking systems of the truck are much harder to control in traffic and troubling weather. All of this must be learned closely in a CDL class before even considering taking the test.

Detailed Truck Driver Training and CDL Driving School

While many people assume that truck driving jobs are only for the simplest minds, then the detailed training of CDL driving school leading up to the truck driver test is often unrecognized. Considering the weight of the semi-truck there is much more to know about defensive driving, making defensive driving training a much more essential need in truck driving school than it is when getting your standard driver’s license.

While trucking jobs are seen by many as some of the most common out there, CDL training and the truck driving test are quite complex. With the ability for semi-trucks to add incredible danger to our roadways there is much need for safety training for all those drivers transporting about 70% of the nation’s freight on a regular basis.

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