Signs Your Fuel System is Failing

Signs Your Fuel System is Failing


Fuel pump issues are not a minor problem. If your motorcycle, jet ski, or other recreational fun toy has a problem with the fuel system, then you need to have the unit either replaced or go to a specialist for fuel pump repair.

You can prevent breaking down on the road during a motorcycle adventure or having other things happen to your ride by paying attention to issues with your motorcycle fuel pump. These problems can be alleviated before they become too serious, so do what you can to make your bike more reliable by paying attention to the following signs of motorcycle fuel pump wear.

Sputtering When Driving

Does your motorcycle, snowmobile, or other recreational vehicle or main transportation vehicle have issues with operating? Does the unit sputter when it’s driving, like it’s running out of gas or has bad fuel? If so, you may need a replacement fuel pump. You can get this from an auto parts or recreational parts store. Some brands to consider include Quantom and Walbro.

Older Vehicle Unit

Most automobile repairs are related to issues with durability, so it’s not a surprise if you have issues with your motorcycle fuel pump because your entire machine is older in design and style. If you have an older fuel pump, consider replacing the one you have with a Walbro pump or other quality pump that fits your machine and budget.

Trouble Starting

Are you having issues getting your motorcycle or other recreational vehicle to start in the first place? There are a multitude of issues that can be at fault, including a starter or solenoid issue, but your fuel pump may also be to blame.

When you do get your machine going, what kind of exhaust is it putting out? If it’s black and noxious, then you may need to replace your fuel filter. If it’s just fine but you’re still having starting issues, then you should consider getting a replacement fuel pump to boost the ability of your machine.

Whether you like to ride for fun or your motorcycle is your main vehicle, you want to make sure you get the most out of your unit. Use this guide to help you decide if you need a new motorcycle fuel pump. Once you get a new pump, you’ll feel better about your ride overall.

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