Need New Floor Mats? Here’s How to Choose the Best Carpet Replacement for Your Needs

Need New Floor Mats? Here’s How to Choose the Best Carpet Replacement for Your Needs


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You spend a lot of time in your car – commuting, running errands, and maybe even taking road trips. An average commuter’s trip takes 26, while their worst commutes take around 46 minutes. And Americans report spending an average of 87 minutes in their cars every day. Assuming eight hours of shuteye, that’s nearly ten percent of your day. Why not do what you can to make it a good ten percent?

There are plenty of ways to improve your car’s interior, both aesthetically and in terms of health. Did you know that your car is probably dirtier than your home? According to a study conducted by GAP Enviromicrobial Services, cars are home to 17,000 times more bacteria than houses.

And celebrity microbiologist Charles P. Gerba found that cars that carry children harbor higher numbers of bacteria, as do areas within cars where food or drinks have been spilled — this spillage feeds bacteria. Do you ever eat or drink in your car? Surveys have shown that about 7 out of ten drivers do.

Don’t forget the trunk: Aston University in Birmingham conducted a study that found about 850 bacteria in the average trunk — where you’re likely to put groceries.

Keep away the germs with new floor mats for your car or truck. They’ll protect your original car carpet from dirt and wear, and add a high-end, custom feel to your interior. There are plenty of auto flooring options — here are a few of the major types.

  • Custom fit floor and trunk mats. If you want to dramatically improve the aesthetic of your vehicle’s interior, custom fit mats are the only way to go. Retail stores may offer “universal” mats that will cover some, but not all, of your car’s floor space — and these universal mats are likely to be made out of poorer quality material, often just fibers glued to backing instead of woven. They’re also liable to slide around, creating a dangerous environment for driver and passengers alike. Choosing custom fit auto mats will mean infinitely more options, both in terms of look and quality. You can find car mats made to your vehicle’s specifications (make, model, and year) for vehicles dating all the way back to the 1940s.
  • Licensed floor mats. Licensed floor mats could feature any logo you like, from your favorite sport team, to your superhero of choice, to the brand of your vehicle. If you really want a truly custom feel, opt for a licensed floor mat to make your car interior your own.
  • Synthetic fiber mats. Auto mats made of synthetic yarns like nylon and polypropylene stand up best to wear and resist stains. Pay attention to variations within this category, though.

    Staple yarns have many fibers that are seven to eight inches long which are blended together to make a yarn that can be tufted into carpet backing. All those strands can cause pilling and fuzzing, so you’ll have to vacuum more frequently to keep your mats looking fresh. Continuous filament yarn is one long piece, woven into backing continuously. This material is much stronger, and doesn’t suffer from the fuzzing.

Whichever type of floor mats you choose for your vehicle, be sure you opt for a color that complements the rest of your car’s interior, and a material that suits your needs. Once you’ve customized your auto mats, it’ll be happy driving from there on out!

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