My Car Has A Large Dent In The Hood Can I Fix It Myself Or Should I See A Paintless Ding Repair Pro?

My Car Has A Large Dent In The Hood Can I Fix It Myself Or Should I See A Paintless Ding Repair Pro?


Your car is a prize investment. It gets you from place to place on your own terms. It reflects your fashion, your personality, and even your ambitions. When it ends up damaged?

Your instinctual response is to get it fixed as soon as possible. This may or may not involve a DIY method you have tucked away in your garage. When it comes to deep dings and scratches, though, you’re better off with professional help. That’s because an experienced eye will get the job done right, even when it appears impossible. Even better, they’ll get it finished in half the time a DIY method would require.

Auto body repair is a thriving industry. Take advantage of paintless dent repair next time you’re hit with hail.

What Are The Primary Causes Of Dings And Dents?

There’s nothing quite like a ding on your car door to grind the week to a screeching halt. Just where do these keep coming from, anyway? When it comes to the golfball and baseball sized dents, it’s more often than not the result of hail. The NOAA released a report stating hail causes nearly $1 billion in crop and property damage every year. The past five years alone have seen wind and hail damage on a national basis accounting for 40% of all uninsured losses.

What About The Causes Of Scratches And Scrapes?

While most dings and dents are caused by hail, scratches and scrapes can have a few causes. Sometimes it’s from a passing car, unavoidable and still frustrating. Other times it’s from falling branches in a storm or a poor parking job. Alongside paintless ding repair you can ask about a quick patch-up on any scratches that have lingered on your vehicle. These take little to no time to fix, even if they’re particularly deep.

How Bad Is Hail In The United States?

Hail has been a problem for car owners for a long time. Damage caused by both wind and hail cost State Farm — as well as its policyholders — more than $2 billion back in 2014, thanks to a 2015 analysis. Just a few years later there would be over 6,000 major hail storms, tallied up by the NOAA’s Severe Storms database. Most counties across the Eastern half of New Mexico see large hail, ranging from golf ball to baseball sized, at least six or seven times during the spring.

Why Are DIY Methods Not Encouraged?

DIY methods can be useful in a pinch for very minor issues. Simple scratches can be painted over with little trouble. Anything larger, however, is best left to a professional so you don’t waste your time. Paintless ding repair is reliable because it gets to the car’s foundation and fixes it through a mixture of tools and expertise. Hail damage repair is an accessible service available at many auto body shops today and can be easily paired alongside paint repair.

How Fast Can Paintless Ding Repair Fix My Car?

When you’re tired of seeing the same dents and dings in your car, seek out paintless ding repair. They’ll get your car looking brand new with little effort on your part. Simple dents can be finished in just a few minutes, while deeper dents can take an hour or two. If you have any scratches it’s recommended you get that done in the same session to save you time. No matter what you need, today’s leading experts and best technology is more than capable.

Give your car a touch-up. Carrollton Paint And Body is ready to give you a shining result that will make your bad day seem a distant memory.

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