Making a Difference in a Chaotic World

Making a Difference in a Chaotic World


A changed life.

You are relieved that the visit from your landlord to not involve a notification that she had sold the property.

In fact your kept saying your place is beautiful and she kept thanking you for making it look so good, yard and all. Honestly, she seemed astounded, which is valid given the state it was in when you moved in a year ago. You, of course, need to offer major props to the real superheroes who made it cute, your mom, your sister, and your best friend.

You and the other tenants have been worrying about whether the landlord would give your places over to this local rental management group, but from her comments today you do think if your place did not look re-rentable she probably would have passed your to that rental firm.

Your life has changed a great deal in the last year, and this new home has been the constant. And now that you have made the decision to take a gap year in the midst of the pandemic, you need the consistency of this place you call home. It may not have looked like much when you moved in 12 months ago, but the fact that the three units you are a part of has an electric car charging station was a major selling point.You were gifted an electric car as a high school graduation gift. Although generous, your parents insisted that the price of the car was small compared to the tuition that they would not be paying as a result of your full ride scholarship. With a housing allowance that allowed you to move off campus your second year, this. current rental was definitely a diamond in the rough when you first saw it. Your parents were willing to invest some time and some money into fixing it up when they, too, realized the advantage of the available electric car charging station.

Electric Car Charging Stations for an Apartment Complex Are Becoming More common
In a time of so much fear and confusion, there are still people who know that the future of the automobile industry will someday eliminate the dependence on fossil fuels. And while some people are certainly more slow to join the party, the younger generation of new college graduates are often the ones who are looking toward the future.

Finding a way to feel good about the life that you live, of course, is an added benefit to making an investment in a rental place that includes electric car charging stations or installing one of these important features in a new home. And when so many other factors in life seem to be spiraling out of control, it is important to note that it will be the next generation who will have to step up and take over important roles of leadership and making decisions.

For many future decisions makers, a focus on science is essential. The same people who have a car charging station in their home are likely also the same people who are following the advice of scientists and doctors when it comes to seeking information about the pandemic. Science is key for this generation and that means taking care of the environment as well as fixing the health care system.

And if saving the environment in not enough, it is important to note that in addition to saving money on gas, there are also other incentives for driving green. For example, the U.S. Department of Energy offers a federal incentive program that provides as much as $7,500 in federal tax credits for buying an electric vehicle. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that research indicates that electric vehicles will make up the majority, estimates are as much as 54%, of new car sales worldwide by 2040. That prediction, according to a 2017 Bloomberg report, and others like it are literally fueling the way for a new generation of drivers and vehicle owners.

A comfortable and attractive home provides stability to many in a time when the world seems to be turning upside down. And when you do want a chance to get away from home for awhile, it is nice to know you are helping the environment.

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