Limos and Buses For Better Transport

Limos and Buses For Better Transport


Public transportation takes many forms, and can operate on land, sea, or air, and can be leisurely or incredibly fast, from passenger jets to cruise ships to buses and even rental bicycles (the latter being common in Europe and increasingly popular in the United States). In particular, bus service and limousine rentals are popular and effective ways to get around anywhere there are roads, and can take passengers to and from such places as an airport, a tourist destination, a public event like an awards banquet, or a wedding or high school prom. Any limo company or bus service or car hire company should be happy to help a customer hit the road in style.

How to Get Around

Buses, taxis, and limousines are common ways to get around in urban and surrounding areas, and each vehicle type has different perks and advantages to it. Buses and motorcoaches, for example, are very friendly for the environment, since a single bus can take up to 55 cars off the road for a full load of passengers, and this can reduce congestion on roads. What is more, buses can make long trips to tourist destinations and vacations spots by land for a whole group. On board amenities can include comfortable seats, TV screens with DVD players, and air conditioning and heating. A bus service such as a full motorcoach is also good for local economies, since a full bus’s passengers spend a lot on lodging, local attractions, food, and shopping, so in a way, buses can easily pay for themselves. Business professionals may also take buses to and from meetings and other functions. And for million of rural Americans, a bus service is often the only way to reach urban centers, since trains may not be in operation in their area, and planes are both absent and would cost too much for daily transport anyway. Bus services are popular across many age groups and among men and women, with women making up a slight majority of those who conduct long distance travel with a bus service.

An individual will probably not need a bus service. Instead, a single person, or a very small group, can make use of a car for hire, such as a limousine company. For decades, limos have stood as luxurious, attractive ways to get around, often the vehicle of choice for celebrities. Some limos have been made into incredible status symbols, anything from a gold plated limo to those over 100 feet long or those with a Jacuzzi or king size bed inside. For more modest travelers, though, limos can still be comfortable and affordable ways to get around, and there are plenty of limos to choose from. Across the United States, just over 130,000 limos are in operation, and many limo companies are small and have five or fewer vehicles in their fleets.

According to Money Talks News, renting a limousine can be a simple and sensible procedure. For one, renters should be aware that in general, traveling by limo during the weekdays can be cheaper than on the weekend, since many events that limos drive to take place on the weekend, from weddings to concerts.

Also, the renter can save money by being aware that limos charge not only their standard fee, but by the gasoline spent rather than the number of passengers, making it roughly similar to getting a taxi. A six seat limo will cost the same whether one or six people ride, so a renter should be aware of that. Amenities in the limousine such as an ice bucket of wine may cost extra. Finally, the renter should inspect a limo in person and check it for any damage or messes from the previous occupants, as well as inquire about the driver’s license, experience, and the model and make of the car. Any reputable limo company will probably not charge more than 50% of the deposit up front, and a company that does should be avoided.

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