Is Your Vehicle Ready for a Transmission Check Up?

Is Your Vehicle Ready for a Transmission Check Up?


A transmission is one of the most vital components of any given vehicle. Unfortunately, transmission repairs can be very expensive, often costing many thousands of dollars. Fortunately, a regular checkup provided by a reputable transmission shop may help you avoid expensive breakdowns and repairs.

A mechanic can check to make sure that the transmission fluid is filled and still in good order. Mechanics can also test out the transmission and look for signs of trouble. If an issue is caught quickly, it may be cheaper to mitigate the problem now rather than in the future.

That said, even with regular transmission checkups you may find yourself in need of transmission repair and replacement. Great transmission mechanics can help you find a factory rebuilt transmission or good used transmissions. If you find used transmissions for sale that are in great working order, it could reduce replacement costs. Brand new transmissions are great but they’re also expensive. So make sure you ask about good used transmissions for sale.

No matter the situation, however, it’s important to find a transmission shop you can rely on for checkups, repairs, rebuilds, and replacements. A proactive approach now could save you from headaches and perhaps even expensive bills later on.

Maintenance services

The transmission repair saved your family a lot of money. Although it seemed like an expensive repair at first, it enable you to drive the van for another 80,000 miles before trading it in. Who would have thought that the van you bought when your oldest daughter started high school would still be part of your family when she graduated from college. With 220,000 miles on it the van helped move her in and out of the dorm for four years straight. The added convenience of not ever having to rent a truck or another van for the moves was a savings as well. The van had been paid in full four years ago and the luxury of not having a car payment all of that time was made college payments that much easier.
Transmission Repair Can Extend the Life of Your Vehicle
Many car owners fall into two different categories: those who trade their vehicles in as soon as they reach 40,000 miles and those who try to squeeze as many miles out of every car that they buy.For those who keep their cars longer, a transmission repair is not unusual. Although it is one of the more expensive repairs, it can extend the life of a car and is often worth it if the car is already paid for and will be driven for many more miles.
Proper maintenance services are the best way to keep a car in working order as long as possible. In fact, failure to maintain cars costs the American economy nearly $2 billion a year. While routine maintenance may seem time consuming and costly at the time, the repercussions of not following through on recommended auto repair service needs is far more expensive.
Some of the routine maintenance that most car manufacturers recommend include:

  • Oil change. While an oil change every 3,000 miles used to be the standard, some high performance oils and engines only require a change every 5,000 miles. This most basic car maintenance tip will keep your vehicle running efficiently for a longer time.
  • Timing belts. The National Car Care Council generally recommends that these belts be replaced some time between 60,000 and 90,000 miles. Again, an owner’s manual for your car will provide more specific manufacturer recommendations.
  • Tire rotation. Another basic car repair tip is to make sure that owners rotate their tires at least every 7,500 miles. Some manufacturers recommend a different milage amount so check the owner’s guide of your specific car to get the optimum performance of the tires on your vehicle.
  • Fluid checks. Most oil change services also come with whole car fluid checks, Maintaining the proper fluid levels in a car also extends the life of that vehicle. For example, Automatic transmission fluid should be checked every 5,000 miles when the engine oil is changed. Additionally, the level of this important fluid should be checked anytime the owner notices a change in its color or smell.

Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later
Owning a car is a major responsibility. Drivers who simply leave the lot and do not take the time to properly maintain their cars according to the manufacturer suggestions will likely spent more money in expensive repairs at some time. Whether you are a driver hoping to drive a vehicle until it has many miles or you are someone who likes to trade a car in after 40,000 miles, proper maintenance is essential. Cars taken on trade that have detailed maintenance records that indicate a history of regularly scheduled service appointments are worth more money. First, they are generally in better condition. Second, those maintenance records often stay with the car to prove how well it has been cared for.
Whether you are trying to maintain a family van that already has 120,000 miles that is need of a transmission repair or you are trying to maintain a high performance sports car, following manufacturer recommendations is essential. Today’s cars can be driven for thousands of miles if owners take the time to schedule regular check ups, oil changes and tire rotations. Buying a new car is fun and exciting, but it is also expensive. Caring for older cars is a savings that everyone appreciates.

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