Is Your Group Going Far? Go by Bus!

Is Your Group Going Far? Go by Bus!


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If you think charter bus services are just for crazy parties and professional sports teams, think again. More and more people are taking advantage of small charter buses, luxury charter buses, and every style in between, in order to safely, effectively, and efficiently get their group from point A to point B — and to have a fun, relaxing time along the way.

Going Together. Long-distance trips can be taxing on everyone, especially the driver. For every extra car-full of passengers, you can add one frustrated driver — and one more person who’s not enjoying the road trip as much as everyone else (assuming they are). The longer the trip, the greater the frustration. Charter buses give everyone the opportunity be a passenger — to kick back and relax while you get to your destination, to chat and play games with those around you, and to make the journey part of the vacation, and not just something to endure on the way there.

Going Green. Charter buses — even luxury charter buses — are a great solution for traveling groups who want to minimize their carbon footprint. And the more people in your party, the more green the trip. A single passenger car on the road averages about 27 passenger miles per gallon, a plane full of people averages just under 45 passenger miles per gallon, and a typical commuter rail service operates at about 92 passenger miles per gallon. Charter buses currently average 206 passenger miles per gallon — and the technology just keeps improving every year.

Going in Style. For a large family gathering at a distant location, a charter bus is the smartest, safest, and most convenient way to go — but why not go the extra mile and make it a trip to truly remember? Luxury charter buses let your group ride in style, offering amenties such as reclining leather seats, flat-screen television monitors, card tables, and even WiFi.

Don’t think of the trip there as something that must be endured. Don’t think of the trip there a a dreaded headache of planning and mind-numbing miles staring at a dotted line in the road. In fact, don’t think about the trip at all. Let a charter bus do the driving, and you’ll start thinking about the trip as part of the fun.

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