Improving Your Business With Valet Tickets

Improving Your Business With Valet Tickets


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Getting to where you need to be can prove to be a hassle. If your destination is in the heart of the city, it can end up being even more difficult. Traffic, reckless drivers, bridge tolls, etc. — by the time your nearing your destination it’s almost certain that your blood pressure is beginning to increase. By the time you’ve arrived just where you need to be, The last thing you want to deal with is parking.

The act of finding parking, on your own, is a chore — whether for the use of your time, mental acuity, and gasoline. The facts go to show just how serious of a task it is:

  • The average American driver spends 17 hours each year in search for empty parking spots
  • Monetarily, the average American driver wastes $345 each year while looking for parking, both in wasted time and gasoline
  • Similarly, the average New York City driver wastes $2,243 each year while looking for parking

When you’re stuck in the situation, endlessly scouring one street after another, or one level of the parking garage and then the next, you truly feel it. For business owners, the last thing you want is the majority of your customers entering your business both frustrated and defeated after having spent so much time in search for parking. A means to ensure that your customers’ experiences are eased and simplified is through the implementation of valet parking.

Valet parking, which is the opposite of “self-parking” done by customers, is the service, as conducted by restaurants, hotels, and stores, that park customers’ cars by a person called a valet. The service, which can either be free or require a charge (as decided by the business), is a way to ensure that customers can easily enter your place of business while removing the stress of searching for your own parking spot.

By having control over your parking lot, your valets can park customers’ cars with ease, removing the worry about parking lot accidents, and providing said customers with the utmost sense of convenience. Furthermore, rather than having your customers search for their own parking and have to walk the distance from their spot to the storefront, you can provide your customers, and your business, with a specific touch of luxury.

While your customers can arrive at your business, receive their valet parking tags and hand off their keys to the valet, you can take another step in enhancing their experience. One such way is through the creation of custom valet parking tags. These custom parking tags are a sound, exquisite way to add a sort of customization and specialty. The customized valet tickets for business can be printed with your company’s logo, featured text, and more. By adding this extra layer of flair, your company can create valet parking tags that the customer can hold in their hand, something that is made with quality and care, rather than just any other valet parking tags.

Likewise, your company can look into having these valet parking tags customized, printed, and purchased all online. Through outsourcing services, your business can effectively design and purchase your valet parking tags as needed, whether in certain quantities for specific events (weddings, reserved parties, etc.), or in bulk for everyday use. These tickets can similarly be customized, as needed, dependent upon the needs of your business and the event itself — perhaps you’ll need bilingual tickets, bag check tickets, and more.

BY utilizing valet parking and customized valet parking tags, your business can effectively implement business strategies that provide your customers with convenience and luxury. Furthermore, by customizing and using custom valet tags, you can effectually promote your business and events with sophistication and ease.

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