Hybrid Batteries Don’t Last as Long as the Warranties

Hybrid Batteries Don’t Last as Long as the Warranties


Honda accord hybrid battery

Hybrid cars have been an important part of a wave of advanced technology for transportation. More accessible and available than fully electric cars but more environmentally friendly than tradition cars, these vehicles are popular for anyone who is eco conscious and wants great fuel economy. The only caveat when owning or considering buying a hybrid car is the anxiety and worry about the failure of the hybrid battery. They are notoriously unreliable and expensive to replace.
The hybrid battery is crucial to the functionality of the vehicle and is the reason that they have such appealing fuel economy. A hybrid car is powered from two sources. One is gasoline, like any other car. A hybrid switches from this power source to the electric battery, which reduces the car’s use of gasoline. There is a hybrid battery warranty, but that does not mean that the battery will not fail and need replacement or repair. The hybrid battery warranty is typically 100,000 miles or eight years, but now that hybrid cars have been on the road for awhile research shows that the battery may last as few as six years. While this seems like a disadvantage to owning or buying a hybrid, there are companies that focus solely on electric batteries for cars, hybrid battery repair, and hybrid battery replacement which should ease any hybrid owner or potential owner’s mind, with or without a hybrid battery warranty. Continue your research here: bumblebeebatteries.com

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