How Valet Parking Services Help Businesses and Customers

How Valet Parking Services Help Businesses and Customers


City dwellers, travelers, concert goers, sports fans and many others who despair of finding a parking spot will always cheer up when they hear the words “valet parking”. For business owners, offering valet parking is a good way to improve the customer experience and encourage them to return. It’s also easy to set up a valet parking service, with custom printed tickets. You can order custom valet tags from event printing services that also print custom raffle tickets and other types of tickets and decals.

Looking for parking can be costly
Looking for parking can be an urban nightmare, and that’s not just a subjective feeling. Statistics back up the feelings of frustration and wasted time that drivers experience when looking for parking spots. It is estimated that the average time spent by a driver looking for a parking spot in New York each year is 107 hours; in Los Angeles, it’s 85 hours a year, 83 hours in San Francisco, and 65 in Washington, D.C. Compare this to the national average of 17 hours spent looking for parking space every year, and you begin to see the scope of the problem.
Even outside problem urban areas like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Seattle, finding a parking spot can be a problem at airports, sporting events, concerts, exhibitions, and popular restaurants. The transportation analytics firm INRIX estimates that on average, an American driver spends $345 every year in time and fuel looking for parking. The water fuel also contributes to harmful greenhouse gas emissions that are a leading cause of climate change.

Avoiding parking problems with a valet service
Apart from the waste, looking for parking can be aggravating, causing drivers to become distracted or to lose their tempers. This happens to the majority of drivers, and about two-thirds or 66% become distracted when driving through a parking lot looking for a spot. All this adds up to one thing: offering your customers valet parking and a valet tag is guaranteed to win their goodwill and ensure their return.
It’s not difficult to set up a valet parking service, with valet supplies and tickets. You can get valet parking tags from an event printing service that also offers other services like custom printed raffle tickets and decals. It’s also easy to find staff who are experienced at parking vehicles.

Setting up a valet parking service
For business owners, it’s easy to set up a valet parking service. It benefits both customers and businesses, and valet parking tags are highly prized by anyone who doesn’t want to deal with all the hassles. The term valet parking was first used in 1959, and indicates a service that a business offers to its customers. Valet parking staff usually work part-time and the average cost of a hire in 2017 was around $330. In addition, drivers will tip valet parking attendants amounts that can vary from $1 to $5.
Custom valet tickets can be obtained from event printing services that also offer custom printed raffle tickets, and more. Customers will appreciate their valet parking tickets, which allow them to enjoy their meal or event without the harrowing experience of finding parking first. Valet tags can be printed by services that also offer custom printed raffle tickets etc. Valet parking also helps customers to avoid getting minor dents and scuffles on their cars. The great majority or 80% of all bumper scratches happen when people are parking their own vehicles. With a valet ticket, they can safely hand over the keys to a professional who is experienced at parking vehicles in all kinds of spaces.

Valet parking has many advantages for businesses and customers. Custom valet supplies like tags can be obtained from event printing services that also offer custom printed raffle tickets and other services.

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