How Used Car Shoppers Are More Mobile-Savvy Than You Think

How Used Car Shoppers Are More Mobile-Savvy Than You Think


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Those shopping for the best used car values are also among the most savvy mobile web users, a new study from reveals. Because of this, car sellers with a mobile marketing strategy would benefit most by directing their efforts toward used cars.

According to a June 22 Auto Remarketing article, the Edmunds study, which looked at the web browsing habits of both smartphone and desktop shoppers, found that used car shoppers share a particular affinity for the mobile web.

About 53% of shoppers who visited Edmunds’ website via their smart phones did so to search for the best used car values. Meanwhile, only 38% of the site’s desktop shoppers searched for used cars.

Smartphone shoppers are also more receptive to online advertising. Smartphone users are 2.5 times more likely to click on an ad if it’s displayed on their mobile device rather than a desktop computer.

Even more interesting? According to Edmunds chief economist Lacey Plache, nearly all the site’s visitors — both wired and mobile — who shopped for used cars looked only at used cars and pre owned vehicles.

“As on wired, the most active visitors on mobile make up a fairly small group that shops for both new and used vehicles,” Plache wrote in the full report. “These visitors generate 22% of Edmunds’ mobile traffic, but view four times as many pages as their counterparts who shop new or used alone.”

On average, mobile car shoppers look at more car listings than their desktop counterparts, as well. Auto Remarketing reported that mobile visitors view about 9 more pages of inventory than those shopping on a desktop device.

Given all these findings, one thing is immediately clear to car sellers — to benefit the most from the mobile web, it’s crucial to direct mobile marketing efforts toward used car shoppers.

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