How to Touch Up the Paint on Your Car and Make it Look Professional

How to Touch Up the Paint on Your Car and Make it Look Professional


Out of all of the car damage reported, 52 percent of that damage is due to keying or scratched paint, according to a recent Direct Line survey. Because it is such common problem, it can be more convenient to simply fix the the chip or scratch yourself with a car touch up paint kit. These tips will help you complete the process and achieve a more professional look.

Finding the Right Paint Color

In order for the automotive touch up to be successful, the paint color that you use needs to properly match the color of your car. Many websites that offer the auto touch up paint kit also have a place to enter your car information that will help find the right color.

Because there are different paint options for different vehicles, it is important that you have your car information ready when searching for the right paint color. Your car information will help determine if you need a Subaru OEM touch up paint kit, if you need Dodge paint options, or if touch up BMW paint is needed.

You wouldn’t want to end up with Subaru OEM touch up paint when you really needed Nissan touch up paint. That is why finding the proper paint color and touch up kit is so important to the process.

Start with a Clean Surface

For a better end result, start out by washing and drying your vehicle. Removing dirt and rust from the chiped area will help ensure a smoother application. If there is a lot of rust, using a rust arrestor can help in stopping the rust from forming under the paint touch up.

For deep scratches, you made need to use sandpaper if the damage has reached the bare metal of the vehicle. After you are done with the cleaning, you should be left with a smooth surface that will allow for an easier application of the new paint.

Applying the Primer

Not a lot of primer is needed before the paint can be applied. It may be helpful to use a small brush to apply a drop of primer to the area of the scratch.

This will help you have more control over the amount that is being applied and help in keeping it contained to a small area. Before you begin to add the touch up paint, let the primer dry completely.

Practice Before Applying the Paint

Before you try to touch up the scratch on your vehicle, it’s helpful to first practice applying the paint to a piece of scrap metal. This can help you get an idea of how much paint to apply, how thick, and how much pressure to apply when blending the color.

No matter what type of paint you are using, whether it be Subaru OEM touch up paint or Cadillac touch up paint, a few practice applications can be very helpful in getting the final one right. If your first try does not meet your standards, feel free to do another practice round.

Applying the Paint

Using the paint tools from your kit, work inward from the edges of the scratch while making sure that the whole area is covered. As you did with the primer, it is best to keep the area that is being painted small. This will help the touch up blend in with the rest of the car.

To help ensure that the paint doesn’t bubble, run, or peel, make sure that the new paint isn’t thicker than the surface surrounding it. Leave the paint to sit for several days until it is completely dry.

Blend in the Touch Up

After everything has dried, wax and polish the entire vehicle. This will help blend then newly painted area into the rest of the car.

It’s possible to for your own paint touch up on your car to look professional. Whether you are looking for Subaru OEM touch up paint or to touch up your Honda Civic paint job, the important thing is to get the proper paint color, take the time to prep the vehicle, and take care in the application process.

If you keep these tips in mind, there is no reason why your next touch up shouldn’t be a success.

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