How to Take Care of Your Custom Muscle Car

How to Take Care of Your Custom Muscle Car


Custom muscle cars are rare to get. Antique collectors spend lots of money searching for them. Sometimes they have to import them from other countries. Buying or importing these cars is a hectic affair due to the many government restrictions one has to go through.

It’s important to take good care of your classic car if you have one to keep it running smoothly and in good shape. Failure to do so can turn out to be a very costly mistake. Although you may be good at mechanics and able to address some of your car’s needs, it’s highly recommended that you engage a professional mechanic occasionally to ensure proper maintenance of your car. Failure to rely on a professional mechanic can cause heavy damage to your car because the small things you overlook can lead to serious and expensive problems later.

Inspect your Car

Your custom muscle car needs regular checkups to maintain optimal functionality. A professional mechanic can easily identify parts that require repair or replacement. They’ll also know where to find cheaper parts for your car. You can also do some things to keep your vintage car in optimal shape.

It’s advisable to thoroughly wash your car every six months to rid it of any salt, grime, and anything that may cause permanent damage to the exterior parts of your car. Remember to wax it after every wash to give it a shiny, sparkling look.

Check your classic car’s chassis and other metal parts to identify any cracks, loose joints, or rusted areas requiring welding or additional reinforcement. Broken parts of the chassis and other parts of the car can cause instability in the car’s performance and may even lead to accidents. Avoid this by regularly inspecting your car’s chassis and metallic parts.

Once you identify parts needing welding, you’ll need the right method. Go for Metal Inert Gas MIG. It’s the best for the body. Choosing the wrong method can permanently damage your car’s body. Aluminum and soft steel are the most preferred materials for auto body welding.

Inspect every part of your car to ensure it remains in good shape. Check whether the brakes are working properly, if there is enough engine oil to lubricate the engine, and if there is enough water in the radiator. Be sure there are no cracks or bends along the chassis.

Raise Money For Parts

Once you have identified the problems and the repairs needed for your custom muscle car maintenance, you’ll need to source funds to buy the needed parts. Your professional mechanic should know where to find good and cheap spare parts easily. Always make sure to compare prices between different shops.

Come up with ideas on how to raise money to buy the parts. You can get a loan from your bank if you have some savings, or you can arrange with a spare parts dealer to supply all the needed parts and allow you to make payments in installments. Of course, this will depend on the spare parts vendor.

Repairing classic cars is an expensive affair that requires careful planning and consideration when considering the source of funds. One of the best ways of raising funds for your vintage car repairs and maintenance is through gold buyers in your area. They buy unwanted jewelry and also deal with scrap metal. They’ll give you 20% of the purchase value of new products for your old or unused parts. This is an easier and cheaper way to repair your special car.

You can use the parts you want to replace to earn some money, which you can then use to buy new parts for replacements for your car. Because you want your vintage car to function almost as well as new, be sure to replace every part showing any damage. After all, you are not throwing them away for free, but you’ll get 20% of their ‘new value,’ and if your mechanic is good enough, they should know where to get cheap parts that shouldn’t cost you too much money

Think of any easy and cheaper way to raise funds to repair your classic car. It shouldn’t be very expensive to put it back on the road. Try to estimate the cost of repairs before embarking on any serious repairs so that you don’t end up dumping it in your yard for lack of funds.

Maintain a Smooth Driveway

To help keep your custom muscle car in good condition, always drive it on smooth roads or surfaces, preferably concrete. Rough and rocky surfaces prevent your car from running smoothly. Cars are designed to run straight forward and hence not the best for maneuvering on bumpy and rocky roads, especially if it’s a manual-driven car.

Your classic car collection is not your regular farmwork machine but is mainly a fancy car for sports and special events. It should always be spotless and neat. Please don’t use it for bumpy and rocky farm rides. Also, avoid using it to ferry farm products. You may have to engage a concrete services provider to upgrade all surfaces that you use your vintage car on, like your driveway.

Maintaining and repairing a custom muscle car is expensive, so you’ll benefit from driving it only on concrete roads. Getting parts to repair worn-out ones can be a challenging task. Take good care of your car to avoid the headache of repair and maintenance.

Have Good Insurance

Insuring your custom muscle car is not negotiable if you want it to be secure and lower the chances of losing it altogether. A good insurance policy ensures you are compensated for any damage your car may incur from accidents or theft. Get a customized insurance policy that is suitable for your specific needs.

Some insurance companies offer policies specifically designed for your special car’s uniqueness. Start by identifying good insurance agents who can advise you on the exact requirements for your car. Insurance agents are experienced and are best placed to advise you on what and how you need to insure your classic car collection.

Failure to insure your unique car can lead to serious loss and financial costs in the event of an accident or damage to your car. Some parts of your car may require shipping or sourcing from abroad. This can can be very expensive and hence the need to ensure your car is fully insured.

Research Skilled Lawyers

Before repairing or investing in your custom muscle car, it’s important to establish whether it is a good idea. Is it allowed to run in your country? For instance, a car must be 15 or older in some countries to be considered unique. You will need to establish the exact date of manufacture of the specific car you wish to repair and also know the government regulations for such cars.

This will require an experienced person to verify it. A lawyer is the best consultant to help you in this area. They will be able to analyze and categorize your car and give you a reliable legal opinion that will help you decide whether to repair it.

They’ll also help you understand the legal specifications for acceptable types of old cars. Before starting car repairs, you must have all the required legal documents and permits. What you think is a special car might not be so ‘special.’ Get all the facts before investing in your old vintage car. In case of an accident, your lawyer will also serve as your accident attorney. An expensive venture like taking care of your special car requires a good attorney who will be able to represent and advise you on legal issues.

Buy the Best Parts

Your custom-made car is an expensive antique that should be preserved in the best way possible. When buying parts for replacement or repair, don’t compromise quality. Buy the best parts for better performance of the car. Only source parts from reliable dealers. Your professional mechanic should be well-versed with quality or original parts suppliers.

Unlike modern cars, old cars were initially made with massive engines that produce loud sounds while running. They’re irritating to other road users. To prevent or reduce noise pollution, you should schedule a muffler install in the engine exhaust system. This will help lower the engine noise, allowing your classic antique car not to be a nuisance on the road.

Decorate the Interior

Most custom-made cars are several decades old and thus worn out and shabby. The interior parts are usually dirty and torn over time. Plan to decorate your car’s interior to make it attractive and beautiful. After all, you don’t want your classic car to appear ugly and out of place when you visit a vintage car show event.

Your best bet here is to seek the advice of a professional auto body shop specializing in sprucing up custom and vintage cars, just like you would need guidance from specialists in flower shops when decorating for a wedding. Your personal preferences and style will determine how you approach this part. You can be as creative as you wish; nothing is off-limits unless it affects your driving ability.

Keep a Car Budget

Maintaining an old car is expensive. It takes a good amount of money for a good and complete repair. Ensure you have a clear budget for servicing and repairing your old car. Spend within your budget. Seek the services of an accountant who’ll keep records and be able to estimate your total budget for the maintenance of your custom-made car. This will help you plan, so you don’t overspend and eventually run out of funds.

Store Your Car in a Garage

How you store your custom muscle car is very important. It must be safely kept in a dust-free environment and away from direct sun. Strong winds can throw particles that can cause scratches on your car’s body if you leave it in the open. It’s an expensive investment, so do everything to protect it from unnecessary damage.

Keep your old car in a secure garage with durable garage doors, as some ill-intended people will likely have their eye on it. There are several types of doors to choose from. Consult a garage door company to ensure you get the best door for your garage. An expert’s opinion will go a long way.

Avoid Potholes>/H3>

Considering the high cost of maintaining a custom muscle car and that spare parts are not easily available, it’s in your best interest to avoid potholes as much as possible. Even when you find yourself on a rough road by chance, try to skirt around them as much as possible. You don’t want to risk damaging your expensive investment.

If it’s within your power, repair worn-out parts of your road to ensure you don’t encounter potholes. Apply sealcoating to cover all the ceramic concrete and prevent it from being damaged by sun, gasoline, oil, salt, or ice. Always use your car for smooth services.

Avoid Many Hands

To keep your custom muscle car safe, clean, and properly maintained, try as much as possible to have it driven by you only or by a specific person most of the time. The only other person who should drive it is your mechanic when testing the effectiveness of repairs or replacements. People tend to care less about what does not cost them. Giving your vintage car to other users to drive may lead to it ending up in the hands of someone known for careless driving. Some people even enjoy driving on bumpy roads, which will cost you high maintenance fees. Have one designated driver for a sure and safe life of your car.

Treat your custom muscle car as you would a precious item, fixing it promptly whenever something goes wrong. You’ll enjoy the maximum joy, profit, and fun of driving a muscle car. Think of the speed and the style statement it will make on the road. The time you spend researching, collecting, investing, and maintaining your classic car will be worth it. Your car will be a spectacle on any road, and this guide offers great tips for caring for your custom car.

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