How to Keep Your Mercedes Looking Great and Running Smoothly (With a Bonus Tip)

How to Keep Your Mercedes Looking Great and Running Smoothly (With a Bonus Tip)


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Your Mercedes is a treasure, a gift from the gods that deserves to be treated with respect and tender loving care. You would never let just any old person borrow your car, so why would you take it to just any old Mercedes shop?

It’s important to know what to look for in a Mercedes shop to choose the right location to have it cleaned and serviced. Your car is a unique breed of vehicle, and only the best and most-detailed service will suffice. Here are a few things to look for in a great Mercedes shop, with a bonus tip for parts and accessories:

    Vintage Mercedes parts. One of the best parts about owning a Mercedes is that many of the greatest models to be released are from the 1980s or earlier, like the S-Class or the 300SD. Not every shop will carry used Mercedes Benz parts from more than a few years ago, so make sure you find one with an extensive inventory.

    Regular maintenance. Taking care of your Mercedes is a lot like working out a muscle. It has to be done consistently in order for you to see real results. Make sure your engine is purring at maximum intensity with regular maintenance from a qualified Mercedes shop. Tires should be rotated and balanced every six months, and inspected for wear or damage regularly. Check oil and coolant levels weekly, and have a pro take a look at your power steering, brake fluid, and transmission fluid monthly.

    Ride around in a clean, mean, Mercedes machine. Keeping a clean Mercedes is almost as important as keeping a Mercedes that runs. You own the most beautiful luxury vehicle on the planet, and you should enhance its beauty whenever possible. A great Mercedes shop can give you an expert wash and wax to help prevent dirt and road chemicals from oxidizing the paint.

    BONUS TIP: Check the internet. When the only service you need is new parts for your Mercedes, you should absolutely check online before heading to the retail counter. A trim piece that costs $5 to make could carry a whopping 5,000% premium at the retail counter. Online stores usually have lower premiums, and you don’t even have to leave your couch to make the order.

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