How Charter Bus Services and Tourism Are Directly Connected

How Charter Bus Services and Tourism Are Directly Connected


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Charter bus companies today are some of the most important travel services available; not only do they provide affordable short- and long-distance trips, but they also provide valuable transportation options for people who would otherwise have no commercial transportation available. But there’s another important reason why charter bus services are so important: they support the nationwide tourism industry, consequently supporting countless other local businesses and small industries along the way.

If you aren’t convinced that your next charter bus trip will really make that much of a difference, take a quick look at the statistics below and see what you think:

  • When you take a trip with a charter bus company, you’ll most likely be taking a long-distance trip and seeing quite a few tourist attractions along the way. But it might surprise you that when a charter bus service brings a group trip into a local town to spend the night, on average, about $11,660 is funneled into the local economy from lodging, food, entertainment, and other areas of interest. This might not make a huge difference for a big city, but for a small town, this increased revenue is incredibly important.

  • For every $1 invested into motorcoach companies, approximately $1.65 of revenue is generated for other industries (many related to tourism). In fact, the most recent data shows that one year’s worth of coach bus trips will result in approximately $1.2 billion generated for the tourism and travel industries alone.

  • Students and senior citizens make up a little more than 50% of all charter bus trips — which makes sense, considering that these two demographics often take group vacations or educational trips to cities and areas that tend to attract tourists.

Not every charter bus service operates solely for group tours, but with over 750 million passenger trips per year, this industry plays a major role in supporting local economies that depend heavily on tourism. And knowing that you’re giving back to a community that needs some support is just one more detail that will make your trip even better.

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