Hear That Noise? Your Car is Trying to Tell You Something

Hear That Noise? Your Car is Trying to Tell You Something


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It can be challenging, and a bit stressful, trying to figure out when your car requires maintenance. While you can rely on dashboard indicators for some necessary repairs, you often times have to learn to read the signs your car is using to tell you it needs to be fixed. One of the easiest ways to notice when your car needs maintenance is by listening for signs of distress. You’ve probably heard your car make a number of different noises before but probably had no idea what it meant. Below are some car troubles that you may hear before you see them.

New TiresAlthough an essential part of your car, tires can be easily forgotten when it comes to maintenance. If you hear a thumping or humming noise coming from your tires, odds are you are in need of new tires. These sounds can indicate a defective tire and needs to be replaced.

Brake Pad ServiceFunctioning brakes are an essential part of car, and when you have a brake defect it could lead to safety hazards. Luckily, brakes are equipped with a built-in indicator that will make a high pitched sound when the brake pads are wearing down. If you hear this noise, it would be wise to take your car in for auto repair services.

Oil ChangeIt is easy to forget to change the oil in your car, but your car will let you know when is in need of an oil change. Since oil acts as a lubricant in the engine, a lack of oil causes a lot of friction and ultimately loud noises. If you forget to check your oil on a regular basis, listen for noises coming from under your hood.

The noises coming from your car can tell you when to get new tires, when you need oil change service and when you need brake pad service, among other things. It is important to remember not to let these problems go unrepaired. Listen to your car! Find more on this topic here: www.creechimport.com

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