Ensure Your Car Is Clean on the Inside and Outside Find Car Wash Locations Near You

Ensure Your Car Is Clean on the Inside and Outside Find Car Wash Locations Near You


Part of owning a car is keeping it well-maintained. This includes ensuring that vehicles are kept clean on both the inside and outside. When it comes to car washing, the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (US EPA) site provides several recommendations.

Commercial Car Washes

At the top of the US EPA’s list is to use a commercial car wash. These businesses are recommend because they are mandated to dispose of wastewater properly. Furthermore, many commercial car washes also filter and recycle their water which is beneficial to the environment as well.

Car Washing at Home

When people wash their car at home, however, the US EPA also has a few recommendations. Cars should be washed on either grass or gravel rather than asphalt of concrete. This is because the water will be filtered prior to entering local bodies of water. The water used to wash cars can also be properly disposed of in the grass.

Non-toxic, phosphate-free soaps should be used because these products are safer for the environment. It’s also important to use as little water and soap as possible to get the job done. The US EPA recommends using hoses that have controllable nozzles for this purpose as well. When someone just needs to clean a few spots on their car, the US EPA recommends waterless car wash products or a special car wash kit.

Locate the Best Car Wash Locations

When you’re looking for where to get your car washed, there may be several car wash locations in your area. Which type of car wash you choose will likely depend on several factors, such as the level of service that they provide. Here are a few different types of car washes:

  • Automatic car wash
  • Car cleaning and vacuuming
  • Drive-through car wash
  • Full-service car wash
  • Self-service car wash
  • Touchless car wash

Once you contact or visit a conveniently-located car wash, you will be able to learn about all of the services they provide. When you car is well-maintained with a clean interior and exterior, it will not only look better, it will also have a healthier interior environment.

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