Eco Friendly Travelling Tips

Eco Friendly Travelling Tips


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1. Keep Your Hands to Yourself If you visit a park, botanical garden, or wildlife sanctuary, it can be really tempting to “examine” nature a little bit closer and justify it by saying that you’re just a curious person who wants to “be one with nature.” Don’t. Have a friend duct tape mittens over your hands if you really can’t control yourself. Messing with nature can easily disturb the animals living in the area. How would you like it if someone barged into your house and took the food in your kitchen cupboards because “it looked cool”? Remember that the best way to appreciate nature is just to let it do its thing. It got along fine without humans for millions of years.

2. Clean Up After Yourself Everyone knows that littering is bad, so this point should be almost unnecessary. But even if you don’t mean to litter, it’s pretty easy to pack up everything for a nice picnic in the park only to realize after you’ve wined and dined that you have no place to put your trash. Some parks and attractions conveniently have trash cans, but don’t expect there to be one everywhere you go. Just always make sure that you have an extra plastic bag or two with you so that you don’t end up leaving a brand new trail for the next visitors to follow.

3. Keep Energy Consumption and Fuel Usage to a Minimum Everyone knows at least one person who insists on leaving every single light on in the hotel room, even when no one’s there. Or leaves the TV on in two different rooms just in case the cat gets lonely during the day. Sure, you don’t have to pay for those energy costs, but that doesn’t make it any better.

One thing you can do when travelling is to use public transportation as much as possible. Buses are a great option for eco-friendly travelling. Many charter bus services run from coast to coast, and bus companies pride themselves on providing reliable service with very little hassle for the passengers. Certain charter bus services even provide charter bus tours, which is an excellent way to see the sights while staying green. Bus companies are now focusing on making their buses eco-friendly, and especially since buses are the most affordable way to travel, it isn’t difficult to take advantage of the charter bus services that are offered country-wide.

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