Custom Motorcycles 10 You Must See

Custom Motorcycles 10 You Must See


In this video, you will learn about custom bikes for sale. The video showcases 10 custom bikes that are sure to make you consider looking into a custom bike for sale. The first bike that is covered is the BMW R18 Spirit of Passion. It has a full-front fairing with a slick body.

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Next is the Thunderbike GPS Lemans. This model is from Harley Davidson and is native to the U.S. which can be rare for motorcycle production. At number three we have Tamarit Motorcycles 65 Gullwing X. It is a Spanish model that was established in 2015. At number four, the Purpose Built Moto Yamaha TW200 Tracker is reviewed. This custom motorcycle was modified to fit a larger fuel tank and has one of the longest gas lives out of any custom motorcycle. Number five is Ural Limited Edition. It has been manufactured for over 80 years without many modifications. Since it is so expensive, only 3% of units are actually sold on the home market in Russia. Myth 001 is number six and it is reviewed as being one of the most popular bikes in Europe. It has good gas mileage for its size, and a large fuel tank considering.

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