Crazy and Awesome Facts about Chevy Automotive

Crazy and Awesome Facts about Chevy Automotive


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Do you ever wonder where to find the best local Chevy dealers in your area? Or what about how to find the best local Subaru car dealers? If you don’t know where to begin, you might want to conduct a search online for “cars for sale Rochester NY” because this will bring up all of the most important car dealerships in Rochester NY. Subaru and Chevy car dealerships are some of the most loved and famous auto manufacturers and dealers in the whole world, so if you want to know more about what you’ll find out about “cars for sale Rochester NY” then keep reading to learn a few facts about these automotive giants.

    1. Subaru’s parent company is in Japan
    Subaru is actually a small branch of a larger company, a Japanese transportation conglomerate known as Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI). They are the 26th biggest automaker by production worldwide as of the year 2011. Subaru handles all of the auto manufacturing parts of the business, but they still work closely with FHI and maintain many of the same clients. Subaru, however has developed a significant presence in the United States in the past few decades.

    2. The Chevy brand is popular in pop culture
    That’s right, pop culture really appreciates everything that Chevy can do and they love the quality cars and trucks they produce. The Chevy brand has actually been mentioned in more than 1,000 songs and famous artists such as Jay-Z and Kid Rock have given this huge corporation a shout out in their lyrics.

    3. Subaru is known for its environmentally friendly practices
    Subaru is well known for their commitment to caring for the environment. They regularly use highly recyclable materials in their cars and trucks, and this has earned them one of the highest recycling ratio rates among car dealers and manufacturers in the world. They have a recycling ratio rate of 97.3%, and no other domestic auto company has beat this number.

    4. Subaru is named after a famous star
    Subaru originated in Japan, and what is now a household name is derived from the Pleiades star cluster that is highly visible in the Japanese sky. The whole Subaru logo is actually based on the star cluster. Have you ever noticed that there are six distinct stars in the design? These represent the five smaller companies that merged 80 years ago to form the now huge company of FHI. This logo was deliberately designed and now it’s unlikely that anyone will fail to notice it.

    5. Chevy is one of the biggest auto companies in the world
    Chevy is known for its super competitive business practices, but they never cease to offer their customers an incredible product. In 2011, they actually sold almost 4.5 million cars and trucks worldwide. This is why you can’t even drive down the road without passing by a legendary Chevy vehicle.

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