Convenient, Reliable And Safe Golf Carts And Their Everyday Uses

Convenient, Reliable And Safe Golf Carts And Their Everyday Uses


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Golf is one of the great American past-times. While not quite at the level of baseball or football, golf has captured the hearts of millions and still sees incredible turnouts every summer and spring. Maintaining a golf course is no mean feat and landscaping and engineering professionals work incredibly hard to keep these iconic fields as brilliantly clean as possible. Golf cart dealers, in particular, specialize in the field of building, selling and distributing golf carts to golf courses around the country. What separates a good golf cart from a mediocre one? Let’s take a look below.

Golf Carts Around The World

Golf carts were first introduced back in the early 1930’s, being a useful and reliable form of transportation for those with disabilities as well as the elderly. They later came into golf usage in the 1950’s, considered incredibly convenient for moving around vast courses, and became the staple we know and love today. Many places use them for reasons outside of golfing, such as Belize dedicating a significant portion of its island to traveling and tourism. Like any vehicle, however, they still need to be managed responsibly.

Golf Cart Speed

Beginning with speed, a golf cart can average a top speed of 15 to 25 miles per hour. Their primary purpose is to carry passengers from point A to point B and can’t go too fast to avoid potential accidents on a hilly course. While these regulations can vary by state or district, golf carts can operate on streets where the posted speed limit is 35 miles per hour or less. On a similar note, golf carts modified after the original manufacturer will be treated like motor vehicles if they reach 20 miles per hour or more.

Golf Cart Capacity

While most golf carts are operated by one or two people for managing or transportation purposes, the average cart can still carry up to 10 passengers at a time. The average height of a commercial golf cart is four feet wide, eight feet long and six feet high. They’re powered by 4-stroke engines and generally weigh around 1,000 pounds. The Villages in Florida, a retirement community composed of over 70,000 people, has one of the most extensive golf courses in the world and, as such, allows for many golf carts on neighboring streets.

Golf Cart Requirements

Some states have a low minimum age requirement to drive a golf cart. For example, Georgia and California allow those 13 years or older to operate a golf vehicle. Other states, however, require you be at least 15 years of age. The operator of a golf cart doesn’t have to be a licensed driver, but still has to follow the rules of the road and only drive on designated streets and courses. Although golf carts are used primarily for golf courses, they can be useful additions to country clubs, retirement homes and similar venues.

Finding A Golf Cart Dealer

If you’re looking for a quality golf cart that will last you for years, look no further than your local golf cart dealer. There’s a wealth of variety to choose from when seeking out golf carts for your course. Prices can range from an average $3,000 to an upwards of $30,000 for luxury models. A golf cart battery can last for two to three days, which is less time than a full tank of gasoline will typically achieve. Electrically powered golf carts are generally preferred for their safer speeds and reduced noise pollution. Whatever solution you need, trust that your golf carts dealership will get you there in style.

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