Choosing Optional Extras For Your Car

Choosing Optional Extras For Your Car


From window tinting services to audio systems, there’s a lot you will need to consider when you are buying your first (or second, or third, etc.) car. Buying a car is a big deal, and a number of factors should be thought about. The price of the car, for one, will impact your decision to buy it or not quite considerably. The safety of the car should also be a feature that is put at the top of your list. The space that a car offers can also be critical, particularly if you are someone that has a family or is planning for one in the near future. For those who are just on the cusp of starting a family, it is important to consider not just the space that you need now, but the space that you will need in the next few years to come.

After all of this, you can begin to consider luxury features like window tinting, leather seats, a nice audio system, and the like. But how can you determine whether something is a necessity or a luxury? Many optional extras that are marketed as luxury features serve an important purpose and are well worth the extra money and higher final price. However, this is not the case of every luxury feature offered, of every optional extra available. It is important to keep all of this in mind when shopping, as your needs are likely not going to be the same as everyone else’s needs. Considering your own needs but not comparing is very important here, as you ultimately need to make the decision that is right for you and right for your family.

One such optional extra is that of the remote start. The option for a remote start is ideal in many ways. For one, you can have your car ready and waiting for you, shaving off essential minutes. During winter months, it’s particularly nice to have your car warm and waiting and ready to go instead of shivering fruitlessly for at least five minutes before the car finally heats up enough for your to put your hands on the steering wheel and drive away. But the option of the remote start does serve important and practical functions as well, primarily that of safety. If you are walking to your car alone at night (particularly if you are a woman), the remote start can get you in your car and on your way home faster, something that can be invaluable in isolated places like a parking garage, where a surprising amount of abductions and other such crimes have been known to happen. With the ability to turn your car on from as many as one thousand and five hundred feet away, having a remote car starter can give you a great deal of peace of mind.

Window tinting is another option. Window tinting can be nice to have, as it will protect your privacy quite a good deal while you are on the road and even if you are just sitting in your parked car. But window tinting, like the remote start, has a practical advantage too. Window tinting, when done right, can actually help to regulate the overall temperature of your car. Window tinting can also help to keep your belongings safe, as window tinting makes it less likely that your car will ever be broken into, as the window tinting makes it more difficult to see in and therefore more difficult to thoroughly and effectively scope out – and most would be burglars are strictly looking for easy targets.

Along with window tinting and remote car starters, having backup cameras installed can do a great deal of good in your car and are pretty much all practical even though in some cars they will still be sold as an optional extra. In fact, having a backup camera in place has been found to be incredibly effective. In one study on backup cameras, it was found that more than fifty five percent of study participants were able to avoid running over an object behind them. When no one had backup cameras to use, it was found that a shocking one hundred percent ran over the object.

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