Bus Companies Charter In Style

Bus Companies Charter In Style


Charter bus tours

When it comes to traveling around this great country of ours, there are many modes of transportation from which you can choose. One of which we may not have considered lately is the coach bus. People have been traveling by bus for almost 200 years. As early as the 1820s, buses drawn by horses were being used to get around. By the 1830s in England, steam-powered buses were becoming popular in the inner cities. Bus companies have been serving passengers for a very long time.

Motorcoaches, as they have come to be known, are still as active today as ever. From 2011 to 2012, travelers taking the bus in the U.S. increased by 7.5%, according to the American Bus Association. This made bus travel the fastest growing mode of travel in the country. Every year, coach buses take passengers on 751,000,000 trips, saving them money, relieving them of more stress, and providing them with a greener way to do their traveling.

Save money with bus charters

A charter bus is more economical than a single occupant automobile. Motorcoaches provide 206.6 passenger miles per gallon of fuel compared to only 27.2 miles per gallon for a single person traveling in a car. When you divide the cost of the bus charter by the number of people on board, it’s very easy to see how the cost per occupant is much cheaper than taking a car, or other modes of transportation for that matter.

Charter bus service is a less stressful travel option

Who likes all the stress that comes with driving, especially when the destination is someplace that’s unfamiliar? Navigating the traffic, mapping out a route and even taking on the burden of having to stay awake can easily make any trip you take one you wish you hadn’t. Bus companies want you to know that taking a bus lets you put those concerns aside. Motor coaches have reclining seats, allowing you to read, think or drift off to sleep, so that you can arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to go. Many buses are now equipped with wifi so that you can surf the web, watch some videos or even check your email if you need to.

Chartered bus travel is Green travel

Bus companies are making travel a much more environmentally friendly way to get around these days. When it comes to reducing CO2 output, motorcoaches are three times more efficient than commuter rail and six times more efficient than transit buses. A loaded motorcoach will also get close to five times better mileage per gallon per passenger than a car will. If protecting the environment is a concern of yours, you might want to consider a chartered bus.

If you like to travel, need to travel for business, or have a group event that needs transportation, consider chartered buses. They save you the stress, are much better for the environment and save you money. It’s America. See it in style.

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