Before You Put In A Car Lift, Check This or Ruin Your Garage!

Before You Put In A Car Lift, Check This or Ruin Your Garage!


Planning to buy 2 post car lift and set it upin your garage for your beloved muscle cars? Before diving in, let’s talk about some key points to ensure a hassle-free and safe installation without wreaking havoc on your garage. If you’re eyeing a slick 2 post car lift, here’s what you need to know.

First off, consider the size of your garage. Make sure the lift fits your muscle cars like a glove without cramping the style of your precious rides.

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Think about the height and power requirements to create a garage haven for your muscle car collection.

When ordering your dream lift, be savvy about shipping logistics. The weighty and sizable nature of these lifts might require a bit of finesse in delivery. Be prepared to navigate the shipping process, maybe even involving delivery to a specific spot.

Concrete thickness is a game-changer. While there might be some mixed messages out there, go for a beefier concrete slab, around 8 inches, to ensure a sturdy foundation. It’s all about stability and safety.

During installation, mark the floor, align the lift with your muscle cars’ center of gravity, and drill those anchor bolt holes. Add some muscle to the process by shimming the lift, torquing bolts, and threading cables for that perfect setup.

Don’t forget the safety jazz – fail-safe cables and lock release mechanisms should be part of the plan. Pay attention to the details, torque those bolts right, and you’ll have a top-notch car lift for your muscle car haven in no time.

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