Avoiding 4 Common Touch Up Paint Mistakes

Avoiding 4 Common Touch Up Paint Mistakes


Owning a vehicle of your own is a great feeling. Many who prefer to drive in style own a Mercedes Benz. Unfortunately, certain incidents happen that can damage the paint of your vehicle. A recent survey from Direct Line found that 52% of all automotive damage results from either keying or scratched paint. In order to remedy these situations, you’ll need vehicle touch up paint. While applying automotive touch up paint is easy, you can still make several mistakes. However, knowing about these mistakes ensures you’ll avoid them when it’s time to begin painting. With that in mind, here is how Mercedes Benz owners can avoid four common touch up paint mistakes.

  • Original Paint Starts to Bleed

    It’s rarely a good thing to notice bleeding of any kind. Considering that, you certainly never want to notice paint bleeding on your car. Bleeding occurs when original paint seeps through your new touch up paint. Fortunately, this problem is easy to avoid. In most cases, bleeding occurs because the affected area didn’t receive a thorough cleaning. There are several levels of car paint scratch severity. Level 1A scratches cause minimal damaged while level 4 scratches often cut deep into your vehicle. Regardless of which type of scratches you’re dealing with, you’ll want to clean the affected areas. It’s imperative to clean and remove dirt from where you’ll be applying new touch up paint.
  • Dealing with Runny Paint

    Another problem with poor quality auto touch up paint kits is dealing with runny messes. Before purchasing Mercedes touch up paint, make sure you’re purchasing this item from a reliable supplier. This helps to ensure that you’re receiving paint that properly adheres to your vehicle. Using cheap or low quality touch up paint is likely to lead to unsatisfactory results. In order to avoid a drippy mess, purchase a reliable touch up paint kit.
  • Paint Not Matching the Color of Your Vehicle

    It’s best to find a supplier that specifically offers Mercedes Benz touch up paint. Vehicle manufacturers typically have specific names for their automobile colors. If your vehicle is cobalt blue, finding a color simply labeled blue might not create a perfect match. You’ll avoid this problem by finding Mercedes Benz touch up paint rather than a cheap substitution.
  • Blisters or Bumps on Your Vehicle’s Surface

    No vehicle owner wants to see bumps and blisters on the surface of their automobiles. Unfortunately, those applying touch up paint in extreme temperatures often deal with this situation. It’s important to let coats of paint dry thoroughly. If you try and force dry touch up paint, blisters often form. In order to avoid this, give your paint enough time to dry. You’ll also want to avoid applying touch up paint in hot temperatures. If possible, apply your paint in a garage or other type of indoor area.

In closing, it’s important to avoid making mistakes while applying touch up paint. If you’re able to successfully apply this paint, you’ll likely avoid a huge repair bill. Statistics show that the auto body industry has an estimated value of $42 billion. If you want to avoid expensive repair costs, purchase your own Mercedes Benz touch up paint. Following the previously mentioned tips will ensure you’re easily able to avoid making mistakes while touching up your Mercedes Benz.

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