Are You Looking for a Way to Reach a New Set of Customers?

Are You Looking for a Way to Reach a New Set of Customers?


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It is time to get the word out. After two years of barely having enough customers to call yourself a legitimate business, you have finally decided that it is now or never as far as this investment goes. Either you make a go of this or you call it quits. Owning your own writing company has always been a dream of yours, but you simply cannot find the missing piece to make your dream come true. You offer intense tutoring and editing sessions, but it is difficult to find the customers that you want. Too lazy to do their own writing, customers who could be coming to you to learn more about the writing process seem unmotivated and scattered. Calling you at the last minute, quite frankly does not give you enough time to help them as much as you would like.

Unfortunately, some of your customers think that you will simply write their papers for them. When you explain that is not how your service works, these kinds of customers never get back to you. The people who do come to you with enough time to really get some help are very satisfied. Thrilled, in fact. And while you post their positive comments on your website, you have decided to try something a little more drastic for the next three months. After contacting the best sign company in town, you agreed to a car wrap for the extra vehicle that you have not driven that much except in the winter. Committed to getting your company noticed, the best sign company’s graphic designer has made your car look like a traveling typewriter. With inspirational quotes about writing, you are hoping that this will be the boost that you need.
Could Car Wraps and Truck Wraps Help Your Business Get the Attention You Need?
Americans are interesting consumers. Because they are constantly flooded by marketing and advertising material, it is sometimes difficult to predict what will have the greatest effect. Pop ups interrupt online searches, sponsored content automatically shows up on social media pages, and specific restaurants send notifications after looking for directions for an address. Sometimes, in fact, it can seem that the American consumer can become numb to the digital marketing that bombards them ever day.
This digital deluge, perhaps, is why some more old fashioned advertising methods seem to work so well. the best sign company, for example, can still catch the attention of every single motorist with a unique design and a powerful message. And while billboards may have been the way the best sign company may have shared their message in the past, today’s signs are much more mobile than a stationary billboard. Food truck wraps, camo vehicle graphics, travel with traffic and provide an ever present message.
Remember, for instance, the last time somebody asked you for a dry cleaner recommendation and you spontaneously blurted out the dry cleaning slogan of a car that you see nearly every day on your way to work? That is the power of vehicle wrap marketing and advertising.
Americans Are Mobile Consumers
The average American spends a good deal of time in a car or on public transportation. In fact, on average, most Americans have traveled just over 300 miles in the last week. For many, these 300 miles are fairly predictable. the fact that so many spend morning and evening commutes in heavy traffic going from to and from work means that an advertiser with a cleverly designed car wrap has access to a fairly captive audience. In fact, studies indicate that a vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions every single day.
The power of this advertising method, however, actually extends beyond the close up fews. With well chosen colors and graphics, for example, a driver glimpsing a familiar vehicle wrap in the distance likely says the company name each time it recognized the car. Sometimes the driver may say the name aloud, sometimes the driver say it to him or her self. Either way, this is clearly an example of name and brand recognition. Not surprising, along with television ads, research indicates that car wraps are the two most memorable media.

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