Are You Looking for a Good Used Car?

Are You Looking for a Good Used Car?


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“Used Trucks for Sale Harrisonburg VA”
When you see that heading are you someone who is anxious to see the list, or are you someone who quickly turns to the list of new vehicles? Generation Y consumers, who have recently accounted for 27.7% of new-vehicle sales in 2015, are a consumer group who tends to gravitate toward new, rather than used, vehicles. In fact, they like new gadgets so much that they are even willing to spend an average of $3,703 on the technology for their newest vehicle.
As the automobile industry deals with a generation that gravitates toward new vehicles, the used car market is adjusting by offering lower prices. The National Automobile Dealers Association, for instance, forecasts a nearly 7% decline in the average used-car price to just under $15,000 in 2016. This number is down from the $16,025 average in 2014.
Omaha used trucks and Charlottesville used cars alike are sitting on lots longer as the used car industry adjusts to the changing consumer trends of a growing number of drivers who are often looking for more fuel efficient vehicles. Since the average car on the road is now just over 11 years old, many industry experts expect that many drivers will soon be looking for vehicles that combine the newest technology and energy efficiency.
While the heading “Used Trucks for Sale Harrisonburg VA” may not attract the same number of buyers who may have been interested in the past, those buyers who are interested will likely find better pricing options.

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