Are You Embarrassed By Cluttered House? Consider Storage Units!

Are You Embarrassed By Cluttered House? Consider Storage Units!


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Despite the annual spring cleaning, summer yard sales, and weekly decluttering, there are always seems to be more and more stuff in your home. What do you do with it? What about all the family heirlooms, childhood drawings, and extra stuff your college graduate left in your attic while he or she moved out? You can’t throw it away, but there’s no more room for it in your home. Have you considered looking at self storage units? These are great for home items, as well as larger things like old cars, boats, or sporting material that’s taking up room in your backyard or garage. Self storage units not only offer extra square footage, but they also keep your beloved possessions clean, dry, and safe from damaging elements.
Why Look at Self Storage Units?
Professional storage units let you keep your items clean and safe, and usually offer 24/7 access. It’s an offsite area where you can keep either more expensive things (like using it for car storage) and still check in on them with ease. For young people, storage units are often a great way to keep off campus housing furniture or other items near their campus in the summer. If you share a storage unit, it can often be pretty inexpensive for a long period of time.
A storage unit can also be a great option for someone who lives in a more urban environment and has less space to begin with. You can keep winter or summer clothes, extra furniture or appliances, and back up items in your storage unit and go retrieve them when necessary. It frees up your apartment, but still allows you to have reserves of things you may need.
Many people choose to use their storage units as car storage units, especially if they have an antique vehicle or a seasonal vehicle. The storage unit wards off rusting, water damage, or other damage related to the weather. It frees up space in your yard or driveway and you can rest assured knowing no harm will come to your vehicle while it’s in secure car storage.
What Are Some Storage Unit Tips?
You’ll of course want to find a storage unit that’s close to where you live, so retrieving items or checking up on them isn’t a long process. Don’t be afraid to shop around at different storage unit locations and see what’s the best option for you. Some storage units will offer updates or WiFi access or moving assistance. If you have temperature sensitive items, you’ll want to make sure your storage unit is climate controlled and waterproof. Definitely go check out the storage unit itself and make sure it’s clean and dry, with no bugs or rodents.
You’ll also want to consider ease of access. Can you get to it every day of the week and at any time? Can you drive right up to the storage unit to move your belongings in, or will you have to carry them a certain distance or upstairs? If you’re very concerned with security, there are high quality units available that have extra protection, like electronic gates or specific access codes.
If you’re pressed for space, are in the process of moving, or are just trying to declutter, consider using a self storage unit to help you out.

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