A Simple Guide to Choosing and Protecting Your Diesel Filtration System

A Simple Guide to Choosing and Protecting Your Diesel Filtration System


A diesel fuel filter is an essential component in ensuring a vehicle’s fuel system remains clean for optimum engine performance. This has been enabled by the constant improvements and developments seen in diesel engine technology. Current diesel engines are being developed with high fuel pressure and much tighter tolerance.

This means that even extremely small particles can compromise the efficiency of the diesel fuel filter, greatly reducing the engine’s performance, poor fuel economy and even possible breakdown. Sometimes the engine will crank but fails to start, this could be a result of small particles blocking the filter.

Fass 150 Filters and How They Improve Diesel Fuel Systems
Performing diesel fuel systems features multiple fuel filters including primary and secondary filter. And they have fuel screens fitted at the tank or fuel lift pump. Fuel filters help to keep out four key impurities including water, scale, rust, and dirt.

The FASS 150 replacement water separator filters came to replace the FASS FS-1001 filter. This is after improvements have been made on the new Fleetguard FS1001 series which is capable of removing both free and emulsified water from diesel fuel. The water separator filter has an absorbent polymer that attracts these impurities.

If you are using a FASS FS1001 filter, it’s recommended that you regularly drain water from the filter to avoid winter freeze-ups in your diesel engines fuel supply system. Auto manufacturers also recommend replacing your FASS filters occasionally for superior fuel efficiency and engine performance. The standard replacement period depending on fuel quality and driving conditions is between 15,000 to 30,000 miles.

The FASS 150 filters perform best with the FASS 150 Series pumps, FASS Versatile Series pumps and the FASS 150 Series pumps. Fass Fuel Filters a wide selection of premium replacement diesel filters for your diesel fuel lift pump.

How to Avoid Engine Break Downs Due to a Contaminated Fuel Filter

Protect your fuel filter by:

  • As a car owner, maintaining your vehicle based on the manufacturer’s recommendation is a sure way to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Adding fuel additives such as combustion, fuel stability and engine protection additives with proper directives from the auto manufacturer could lead to a breakdown. Why would you want to risk losing your warranty?
  • Make sure you refill your fuel from approved and recognized fuel station outlets.

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