4 Tips for Maintaining Machine Tools

4 Tips for Maintaining Machine Tools


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What is a machine tool?
A machine tool is a machine that shapes and machines metal and other typically inflexible materials. These can include shears, press brakes, hand brakes, saws, shop machinery, spot welders, punch presses, etc. Those who use machine tools will likely use them so often that misuse or overuse can lead to the need for machine tool repair service. While there are some cases where a machine tool repair service is the best option, there are many ways you can lengthen the time between repairs.
Tips for Maintaining Machine Tools:
Since machine tools are likely to be used often, cleaning them may not be part of your routine. However, overusing machine tools without cleaning them can result in build up that could damage the machine and cause it not to function as well. Keeping your machine tools clean is one way to avoid machine tool repair.
Regular Checks
If your machine tool is not showing obvious signs of being broken, issues may go un-noticed. It is highly important to perform regular checks on your machine tools in order to ensure that everything is in proper working order. This can help avoid even larger repair costs later. For example, a lathe’s drive belt should regularly be tested for tension and consistency to keep it working effectively.
Avoid the Elements
It is highly important to keep your machine tools out of the elements while performing machining services or while storing the tools. Keeping your machine tools dry is vital for keeping your tools from needing repair.
Know When to Get It Inspected/Repaired
Although you may want to avoid machine tool repair service, there are certain scenarios where it’s imperative that you bring your machine tool somewhere that offers machine shop and engineering services. If you notice signs of your machine tool not working as effectively, or not working at all, you will want to seek out machine shop services. One sign to look out for while machine tooling is unusual noises. If you hear noises that you usually do not hear, it’s best that you seek out machine tool repair service.
While you may be concerned about machine shop repair costs, ignoring any issues with your machine tools could result in you having to spend more money later on.
Do you have any tips for extending the time between services and repairs?

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