3 Popular Types of Genie Material Lifts

3 Popular Types of Genie Material Lifts


Many companies need to move objects in order to complete projects. However, certain materials are far too bulky and heavy to move by hand. During these times, many businesses need to use material lifts. Considering that, many companies rely on Genie material lifts in order to successfully perform tasks. With that in mind, here are three popular types of Genie material lifts.

  • Super Hoist

    The Genie Super Host is a great lift for those working under strict time limits. This lift receives power from compressed air, featuring a one size fits all bottle mounting bracket. With the help of the Super Hoist’s dump valve, you’ll easily be able to control the height of your lift. Best of all, the Genie material lift is able to set up in seconds without the use of any tools.
  • Load Lifter

    If you’re needing something a little different, the Genie Load Lifter might be what you need. This lift features a 200 pound load capacity while being able to extend over five feet. High strength cables ensure that your workers are able to safely and efficiently lift materials. This lift also features a neoprene handle, cushioning worker’s hands while using this item. The Load Lifter’s high speed winch operates quietly which ensures no one has to deal with loud machinery noises.
  • Superlift Contractor

    For those times when you need to transport heavier materials, you’ll want to consider the Genie Superlift Contractor. This lift offers a 650 pound weight capacity, ensuring heavy materials remain safe while being lifted. The Superlift Contractor features a hold down bar which offers additional protection while moving materials. Like the Super Hoist, the Superlift doesn’t require the use of any tools for assembly purposes.

In closing, there are several popular types of Genie material lifts. This company also makes a wide range of electric material lifts, designed to safely transport workers into high altitudes. While these machines exist to provide reliable lifting of heavy materials, almost any machine is prone to breaking down. When this happens, you’ll want to make sure you’re partnering with a reliable Genie lift repair service. Whether you use manual or electric material lifts, Genie repair professionals will take care of your machines.

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