3 of the Most Common Types of Windshield Damage

3 of the Most Common Types of Windshield Damage


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Driving a vehicle gives you an unmatched feeling of freedom. Many people use their automobile to get to work, tackle errands, and get home safely. With that in mind, it’s important to ensure that your automobile remains in optimal condition. Unfortunately, many drivers are driving automobiles that need to be brought to an auto body repair location. In fact, statistics show that nearly 77% of vehicles on the road are in need of either maintenance or repairs. In many cases, a driver will need to have work done on the windshield of their respective vehicles. Considering that, here is what to do if your windshield has suffered from these three common types of damages.

  1. Bullseye

    You’ve probably played a round of darts at some point in your life. When playing darts, it’s important to land a dart into the bullseye of a dartboard. A bullseye is also a term given to a small damaged area on a windshield. Unlike windshield cracks, a bullseye is often a small area of damage. In many cases, a bullseye often occurs as the result of a single object making a small amount of damage within one isolated area. In many cases, an auto glass repair service should be able to easily take care of this type of windshield damage.
  2. Star Break

    There are three main causes of automobile damage which are those related to collisions, weather, and negligence. No driver sets out to intentionally neglect their vehicles. Unfortunately, the many demands of life can sometimes mean forgetting to take automobiles into an auto body shop. With that in mind, you’ll want to be aware that letting automobile issues go unfixed often makes them grow into more serious problems. A start break typically has a center impact point along with cracks that spread out in different directions. It’s wise to visit an auto glass repair company if your automobile has a star crack on its windshield.
  3. Long Crack

    Statistics show that 53% of situations involving windshield damage are from cracks that range from seven to 12 inches in length. These types of cracks are known as long cracks. It’s vital to visit an auto glass repair company in the event your windshield contains long cracks in the glass. Having a cracked windshield can greatly reduce its overall strength. With that in mind, a damaged windshield is far less likely to be able to sustain damage than one that is brand new. In addition, it’s unlawful to drive a vehicle with a long crack that is located anywhere near the view of a driver.

To summarize, there are several common types of windshield damage that can occur. A bullseye is a term given to windshield damage that occurs to one small location of a windshield. In many cases, a bullseye is often the result of a windshield suffering damage to one small area, making most of these damages easy to repair. A star break occurs when there is a center point of damage to a windshield that has several cracks extending from this center point. It’s wise to bring in a vehicle containing a star break to an auto glass repair company. There are also long cracks that can occur to the windshield of an automobile. Long cracks are dangerous because they can increase the risk of a windshield breaking completely. An auto glass repair company will help you decide if windshields with long cracks need to be either repaired or replaced.

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