$1300 Car Repair Charity For Amazing Family

$1300 Car Repair Charity For Amazing Family


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In 2014, the Anderegg family had just gone from a couple to a family of four after adopting two daughters overseas when the family car died. With no money left after two adoptions, the Andereggs told the auto shop they could not afford the more than $1,300 repair bill.

Give Back Films and Udi’s Gluten-Free Foods stepped in to surprise the couple by covering their repair bill at World Class Auto and giving them a $500 Wal-Mart gift card to help out with expenses.

The Andereggs went into the adoption process with the money in the bank to complete the adoption. The process that began in 2005 did not culminate with the adoption of their oldest daughter until 2011. It exhausted the $25,000 they had saved for the adoption long before they found the child and received approval to become her parents. The couple hosted fundraiser after fundraiser to rebuild their adoption fund. Soon after their oldest daughter came home with them, Mr. Anderegg lost his job.

The couple adjusted to scrimping and saving until the husband found work. They began rebuilding their nest egg, only to decide their daughter needed a sister. They again held fundraisers to come up with the $14,000 they lacked to bring home their youngest child.

The car died not long after the arrival of their second child and they thought they would simply have to do without a vehicle. Even with both parents employed, they did not have $1,300 extra.

Give Back Films stepped in to help and surprise the couple who thought they would need to delay repairs. The filmmakers regularly donate to various local charities and fulfill community needs as they learn of them. While they do not specialize in car repair financial assistance, many organizations do.

Non-profits such as Modest Needs Foundation, CAR Ministry Georgia, Christian Automotive Repairmen Serving (C.A.R.S) Ministry, Irvine Car Ministry, and Auto Technical, donate vehicle repairs or vehicles or make loans for low-income individuals to purchase a vehicle. Some non-profits provide repairable vehicles for sale.

You should start by checking with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to learn if the manufacturer lists vehicle’s issue among those requiring a recall. In the case of a recall issue, you take the vehicle to the appropriate dealership for free repairs. The manufacturer of the vehicle foots the bill.

Many organizations exist to help with problems just like the one the Andereggs faced. You can help others by donating funds or your gently used vehicle to a non-profit. Those in need of assistance have a multitude of options for finding grant money to repair a vehicle or an organization that assists in the acquisition of a vehicle.

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