3 Cool Custom Jobs to Make Your Ride Stand Out

    Headlight restoration service

    For some people, the vehicles they own are just giant metal machines to safely take them where they need to go. That’s fine, after all, that is their primary function. But for some other people, the vehicles that they own are an extension of their personality. Something more important to them than the place they call home or even the significant other they call, “babe.”

    Car lovers are an interesting breed but they are here to stay. Say what you will about them, they are some of the most passionate people in the entire world. For some car lovers, ever since they were little kids, they have wanted that dream car.

    Dropping a few hundred thousand dollars on a few Lamborghini’s just isn’t an option for most people, unfortunately. However, there are plenty of ways to turn whatever vehicle y Continue Reading

    How Darker Windows Can Help Save Your Skin

    Vehicle wraps

    Nobody necessarily looks forward to a commute, but did you know that if you live in a very sunny area and are constantly in stop and go traffic in direct sun, that your commute could also be bad for your health? You’ve probably felt how hot the sun can make your car’s interior, even with the air conditioning on. You may not realize the power that UV rays have to damage your skin! The sun an also be responsible for bad sun glare that can often lead to accidents. If you’re concerned about these things, an auto window tinting is an easy fix for these issues.Window tinting can also be a good way to protect children from the sun’s effects or keep a vehicle’s passengers incognito.
    What are the Perks of a Window Tinting Service Again?
    Reduced Skin Damage
    In vehicles with auto Continue Reading