Are Your Tires Keeping You Safe? Three Facts You Might Not Know

    Buckled alloy wheel repair

    A recent CBS investigation has found that there are millions of unrecovered recalled tires. In many instances, these tires are still on the road, being driven by unsuspecting drivers. This fact is especially worrisome when you consider that, according to safety experts, wheels are one of the most important protective agents in a vehicle.

    Some of these recalled tires are the infamous Firestone tires. In 2000, an incredible 6.5 million tires were recalled because of reported issues with blowouts and tread separation. Over 250 people died as a direct result of these tires. Yet, as it turns out, many of these tires, as well as tires from more recent recalls, are still on the road. According to the Tire Safety Group, keeping track of tire recalls could potentially save your life. The group says tha Continue Reading