RV Camping and Weekend Boating Trips Can Become a Habit!

    Jayco eagle premier

    The wild water skiing and tubing days were a blast. Your three grown children and your two younger nieces treasured the times you were able to spend together camping and boating. The location never mattered as much as the company. You spent weekends together at small lakes in Iowa and large lakes in south Dakota. The trips began at a time when the young nieces were a little nervous about leaving their parents for a four day weekend. By the time the trips ended, the nieces were high schoolers and often prompted the planning of the next outing.
    These days those young nieces are in college and your oldest son has ownership of the ski boat. You and your wife have different plans. The kids and the nieces still have plans to camp and boat together at least one weekend this summer, but you and your wife will Continue Reading