How Comfortable Is Your Airline Seat?

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    When you make your next airline reservation you will likely be concerned about two major points. The price of your ticket and the location of your seat assignment. While many travelers spend hours researching prices and seating options for their next upcoming flight, few if any of these passengers are actually concerned about the fabric that covers the seat they will purchase. Whether you are booking a short flight from Shreveport, Louisiana, to Dallas, Texas, or you are booking a long international flight from Omaha, Nebraska, to Sydney, Australia, ticket price and seat location are likely your only concerns. The fabric covering those seats, however, is the concern of an entire textile industry.
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    What Do Passengers Really Want Out Of Their Flights?

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    According to a recent poll by travel review site TripAdvisor, 30 percent of people reported that the biggest improvement airlines could make would be comfortable seating. Notice that the phrase here is not ?more comfortable?, but genuinely comfortable ? and it?s no wonder why. With planes being consistently used for business travel, and quite frequently for leisure travel, the average person ends up spending a good portion of their lives on a plane. In fact, on average, 8 million people fly every day! So: what can be done to make airplane rides a bit more comfortable for passengers? The answers are surprisingly diverse.

    How Industrial Textile Solutions Can Improve Airplane Seating

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