What You Need to Know About Hose Clamps

    Fuel hose clamp

    Starting a project and looking for a good and effective hose clamp? There are a few different kinds that are used for a variety of projects. Read on for an explanation of when and where hose clamps are used and some of the different types of hose clamps.

    What are Hose Clamps?

    Hose clamps are circular tools whose functions are to fit onto and seal onto a fitting, to prevent leakage. They’re designed specifically to apply pressure evenly, around all sides, without leaving a space where gas, water, or other substances could leak through. Some of the most basic uses for hose clamps include fastening hoses in car systems or for securing lines in plumbing. They generally come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the fastening needs of any hose. Hose clamps are also used as a sturdier r Continue Reading