Convenient, Reliable And Safe Golf Carts And Their Everyday Uses

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    Golf is one of the great American past-times. While not quite at the level of baseball or football, golf has captured the hearts of millions and still sees incredible turnouts every summer and spring. Maintaining a golf course is no mean feat and landscaping and engineering professionals work incredibly hard to keep these iconic fields as brilliantly clean as possible. Golf cart dealers, in particular, specialize in the field of building, selling and distributing golf carts to golf courses around the country. What separates a good golf cart from a mediocre one? Let’s take a look below.

    Golf Carts Around The World

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    Sparta Man Charged in Golf Cart Hit-and-Run Incident

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    Golf courses have used golf carts for patrons to rent and utilize on the course and while they aren’t full-scale vehicles you can still be charged with leaving the scene of an accident if you hit one. A man from Sparta Township, New Jersey is finding that out as he has been charged with multiple crimes after he drove his truck into a golf cart earlier this month, according to the New Jersey news source,

    On October 14 Sparta police responded to a call at Skyview Golf Club involving five golfers alleged to be intoxicated and who were refusing to leave the course at the request of the establishment. Four of the men left, but Keith Peterson, 57, stayed behind and confronted the golf course employee Continue Reading