Wedding Day Charter Bus Rentals Advice, Tips, and How To’s

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    Congratulations, he or she asked and he or she said yes. Now it’s time to actually plan the most important day of your life. While many people grow up fantasizing about the perfect white dress, the perfect musical arrangement for the walk down the aisle, and arranging the flowers just so, not many of us grow up fantasizing about the perfect charter bus rentals.
    It might not be the sexiest aspect of wedding planning, but arranging group transportation for your wedding party is a crucial part of the big day. Unfortunately, some brides and grooms neglect this portion of the party planning until it’s almost too late, forcing them to make do with merely adequate transportation.
    So as soon as you can, set aside some time to discuss and plan for your transportation. If you plan on serving booze, and especially Continue Reading

    When Was the Last Time You Used Local Bus Services?

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    What is your favorite way to travel? Do you enjoy the leisurely pace of car trips? Do you enjoy the speed of air travel? Many people with a little more time on their hands, realize that they love the opportunity to travel by bus. Whether you are an adult sponsor on a church or school bus trip, or you are traveling with your partner across the country, bus travel provides an affordable, leisurely, and effortless way to move about the entire country, or your entire city. Local bus services can take the pain out of parking and high gas prices, while charter bus seating is especially roomy and comfortable, and affordable at the same time.
    Local bus services are not only convenient for the individual passenger, they also benefit the world we live in. Instead of individually driving to a downtown work loc Continue Reading