The 101 About Hose Clamps For The Do-It-Yourself Person

    Aba clamp

    Whether you’re someone who prefers to call a professional or do-it-yourself, there are ready supplies for every persuasion. Plumbing, for example, is a field that everybody can appreciate, from keeping your sink in fighting shape to unclogging drains around the house to getting your toilet in working order. Large diameter hose clamps are a versatile tool for any do-it-yourself project that require only a little measuring to fit accurately. Keep reading to learn more about hose clamps, how they’re used and do-it-yourself ideas for the future.

    What Is A Hose Clamp?

    A hose clamp (also known as a hose clip) is a device used to attach and seal a hose onto a fitting. This could be, amongst other things, a barb or a nipple. Hose clamps were originally invented in the 1900’s by a former Royal Navy Continue Reading