Tips for Selecting the Right Auto Body Paint Shop

    Auto body shop beverly hills

    When looking for an auto body paint shop, deciding on the right one will make all the difference. The right auto body repair shop will have you loving your vehicle after it is finished, while the wrong auto body repair shop could leave you wishing you had spent more time looking. There are several different places to choose from and knowing how to pick the right one can make you search less dreadful.

    Get references before choosing a repair shop. Talk with family or friends to see if they have used a specific shop and see how satisfied they were with the experience. With the vast amount of social media today, getting personal references is an easy first step for anybody looking for an auto body shop.

    Ask the company about their products. Make sure that the paint they use is high quality premium products. This will protect the finish of your car for many years, rather than paint and chip after just a couple of years. Make sure the auto body shop you choose offers a guarantee for their work. Get the guarantee in writing and make sure you understand all the guidelines in the guarantee.

    Have a general idea of what needs to be done to your car. Having a general idea will keep you from paying for unnecessary work. Nearly 30% of all auto accidents are rear-end collisions. During these rear-end collisions, the rear bumper of your car usually sustains the most damage and accounts for roughly 20% of total damages done. A front end collision typically causes the most damage, around 28%, to your front bumper. Knowing whether you just need to replace a bumper or completely repair and re-paint the whole car can save you lots of time and money.

    When visiting the auto body paint shop you are considering, look around and inspect the premises. See where the work is actually done. The area should be clean and tidy not littered with work tools and materials. Clean work spaces indicates that employees care about their work conditions, and therefore will most likely care about the quality of work they perform.

    When searching for an auto body paint shop you can find yourself overwhelmed, confused and frustrated. Following these tips can help the process go a little smoother because the last thing you need is another bump in the road. Remember that if your work is done because of an insurance claim, your insurance company probably has a company they have used before and that they trust. Also remember to visually inspect all work performed before leaving the premises to ensure that you are completely satisfied.