5 Ways to Keep Your Vehicle Running Longer

    Used cars in tacoma

    General auto repairs can be a pain in the neck. Especially as your vehicle gets older. You may be looking to sell your car if you have to do something big like repair engines or replace a transmission. However, if you have been servicing your vehicle in the appropriate time frames than even if you have used cars, you may find that they will last quite awhile without needing an major repairs. However, if you are the type of person that procrastinates on everything, you will probably be needing a new car or at least some major work soon and general auto repairs won’t even touch the real problems. If you aren’t at that point yet, then th Continue Reading

    Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Used Car

    What to look for when purchasing a used car

    When some people imagine shopping for pre owned vehicles, they may imagine drab, outdated, or ugly clunkers parked in the far end of a seedy car dealership complete with a pushy salesman. However, this stereotypical imagery is far from the truth and paints an inaccurate picture of what purchasing a used car is like today.

    Sure, not all pre owned vehicles — and car salesmen — are created equal and there may be a few lemons, however, there are a number of modern, high quality, and manufacturer-certified used cars available. So why buy a used car? The answer is simple; you get more bang for your buck.

    Today’s used cars are far from being Continue Reading