Sway Control, Other Features can Make Hauling Your Trailer More Safe

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    You might think towing a trailer is only something contractors do for work, but there are many people who use trailers for leisure activities, such as transporting ATVs or Jet Skis. To be safe when using your trailer, you need to have a trailer/hitch combo that utilizes sway control.

    Sway control is a feature that comes on some trailer hitches that helps keep whatever you are towing from swaying back and forth too much. Research has shown that swaying trailers is a top cause of accidents on the highway. If your trailer starts to fishtail back and forth for whatever reason, either because of high winds or because you had to make an evasive maneuver on the road, it can be a hazard to you and other drivers. Trailers that sway too much also can put stress on their hitches, causing them to break off Continue Reading