The Top Three Car Facts You Didn’t Hear About the New and Used Cars on the Market

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    Whether you are in the market to sell a used car or looking to buy a vehicle, there are a few things you should know about the car market. Here are three crucial facts that could save you thousands of dollars down the road:

    1. Cars Depreciate Really Quickly

    Oftentimes when you buy a vehicle, you think about resale value; something you should be aware of is just how quickly that resale value can go down. Cars have been known to depreciate by as much as thirty percent in just two years after their release, which can be a big discount to a buyer or a big loss if you planned on reselling it. Be careful of how much you spend on brand new cars, because you might not see as big of a return down the road as you might expect!

    2. Used Car Sales are Going Up

    Since prices are so much lower on even slightly older Continue Reading