Three Auto Detailing Tips You Should Know Before You Hire an Auto Detailing Service

    Boat detailing tips

    Every car owner knows that a car needs special attention to keep it running smoothly. In the winter, your car is especially susceptible to rust and corrosion because salt on the roads catalyzes the reaction, meaning your car’s exterior can be ruined quickly. If you want to keep your car safe, protect it’s aesthetic appeal, and maximize resale value, here are some auto detailing tips.

    • Invest in special services for car detailing.
      It may be tempting to use supplies found at home, like dish soap and at-home wax kits, but these materials can damage your car. They can strip oils from the paint on your car, which can cause it to dry and crack. Drive through car washes don’t cut it either. There are so many cars that pass through a car wash, that dirt gets stuck in the equip Continue Reading