Getting Ahead and Staying Ahead Embracing the New Era of Luxury Automobiles

    Luxury automobile

    The luxury automobile market, holding steady at almost one-fifth of all U.S. auto sales, continues to be the proving ground for innovative tech: air bags, hands-free phone, built-in GPS, and electric/hybrid technology were all developed first for use in luxury and ultra-luxury automobiles.
    Exotic car sales –also known as “supercars” or “exclusive models” are doing respectable business while continuing to drive industry leaders to innovate.
    The statistics continue to be impressive: top speeds of over 200 mph, horsepower that clocks in at over 1,000 hp, zero to 60 in well under three seconds.
    The top luxury car designers are also giving consumers what they want: eco-friendly, drivable comfort vehicles that run like like they are worth upwards of $1 million but that are offered for more comfortable Continue Reading