The Biggest Myths and Misconceptions About Hybrid Cars

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    Even though hybrid cars have been on the road for decades, they’re still a widely misunderstood technology by much of the driving public. Some Americans are simply too attached to their gas guzzlers to educate themselves about hybrids and how they work, leading to major misconceptions about these modern vehicles. But many myths are the fault of hybrid drivers and automakers, eager to push hyperbolic myths about the benefits of these cars.

    Do you believe any of these common hybrid myths?

    Claim: X Car gets 80 miles per gallon! The new X will get 200 MPG!

    Every year you’ll hear new rumors and whispers of next-generation hybrid cars with a fuel economy that would turn Elon Musk green with envy. But don’t believe the hype. Hybrid cars might boast a higher fuel economy than your av Continue Reading