How To Install A New 60 Powerstroke Injector

    Vp44 injection pump

    When it comes to 6.0 powerstroke injector replacement you really need a scan tool in order to determine which one needs to be replaced if you’re planning to do the job yourself. The other special type of tools you need is a torque wrench and a long T-40 torx bit. All the other components can be taken off by ordinary tools.

    To get started with the 6.0 powerstroke injector replacement process, unhook the batteries as a safety measure. Look for the the injectors which should be located under the valve covers and remove everything above the injectors. Net remove the Degas bottle after draining the coolant out, remove the bac part of the air cleaner box and hose. Make sure this is done all the way to the turbo. Take out the FICM from the valve cover above. This entire step s done on the driver side.
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